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Umka in New York City Sunday November 29

Recorded at San Francisco's Closer Studios in May 2009, this limited
edition LP by the veteran post-Soviet underground band Umka & Bronevik
(or simply Bro) features striking new versions of 10 songs spanning
two decades.

Anna "Umka" Gerasimova is one of the main personalities of the
Soviet/post-Soviet musical underground. She started writing songs in
the 80's. After some early homemade recordings she took a break to
finish her PhD in early Soviet avant-garde poetry. Meanwhile, Umka's
bootleg tapes spread widely, and upon returning back to music career,
in 1995, she found herself an instant unofficial celebrity. She put
together a rock group and since then never stopped touring around
Russia, former Soviets and abroad. Their list of influences include
the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan.
Umka and Bro have released nearly 20 CDs, but being hardcore 60s-70s
fans, they always wanted to go vinyl. In May 2009, they did it - in
the heart if the 60s, San Francisco, in a studio called Closer
Recordings. Now, touring in the US for the 8th time, they play the
release shows to present their first LP, "The Closer Sessions",
released by a small new independent label Portofranco Records

 More about Umka: "The True Story Of My Life Written By Myself In Bad English"

Check them out on YouTube:

 Umka and Bro will play at the MEHANATA BULGARIAN BAR in New York City
Sunday November 29

 Mehanata Bulgarian Bar
 113 Ludlow St (between Delancy & Rivington)
 New York, NY

$10 cover, doors 7pm
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